Friends of Merri Creek
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The Merri Creek runs for approximately 70 kms, beginning near Heathcote Junction, a small town on Melbourne's northern outskirts, and joining the Yarra River at Dight's Falls, Collingwood.

Friends of Merri Creek is a community group that has actively worked since 1988 to restore and protect the Merri Creek, its environs and tributaries.

Group activities include:

  • - Plantings, weedings and hands-on activities
  • - Litter blitzes
  • - Water Quality Testing
  • - Bird surveys
  • - Talks, Walks and Tours
  • - Campaigns against major threats to the Creek
  • - Community Education and Planning
A picture of the Merri Creek near Galada Tamboore

The Merri Creek at Galada Tamboore (Wurundjeri language for "stream waterhole") in Campbellfield/Thomastown. (Photo by Chris Clarke.)

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