Gnawing away at Beavers Rd Northcote

Jul 21 2014 FoMC has been in discussion with Darebin City Council about the ownership and management of the land alongside Merri Creek between Beavers and Arthurton Roads Northcote. Currently, the land is privately owned by the businesses fronting the creek and they have failed miserably to look after the steep escarpment, which is ugly and covered with weeds. Not

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Merri BirdWatch data – scientifically valuable

May 13 2014 Our bird surveys since November 2008 have amassed a significant body of data. Susanna Bryceson has analysed the data from 199 surveys as part of her Biological Sciences studies at La Trobe University. The analyses explored bird diversity along the Merri’s rural to inner-urban corridor, relationship to habitat types and to rainfall, and aspects of seasonal migration.

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Upper Merri developments

May 12 2014 Conservationists trying to protect nature in the upper Merri have been dealt a very poor hand from a deck heavily stacked in favour of developers by the Victorian Government. The Government led by releasing the Growth Corridor Plans before the Biodiversity Conservation Strategies (which is back-to-front planning), then followed up by adding in some so-called “Logical Inclusions”

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Improving gorge-ous views

Jan 27 2014 Friends of Merri Creek, has received $19,997 from the Melbourne Water River Health Incentives program for restoring native vegetation at the striking Northcote Gorge. This volcanic escarpment on the east bank of Merri Creek north of Heidelberg Rd Northcote, still retains some of its original vegetation. The project: Gorge-ous Views! Restoring the Merri Creek Habitat Corridor, involves

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Photo gallery of Merri Creek

Apr 23 2012 See photos of Merri Creek by Darron Davies at: