Gnawing away at Beavers Rd Northcote

Jul 21 2014

FoMC has been in discussion with Darebin City Council about the ownership and management of the land alongside Merri Creek between Beavers and Arthurton Roads Northcote. Currently, the land is privately owned by the businesses fronting the creek and they have failed miserably to look after the steep escarpment, which is ugly and covered with weeds. Not only that, but they can’t even properly maintain the buildings on the rest of the site, with the underpinnings spilling out onto the access road from a holding wall due to missing sleepers that haven’t been replaced for well over a year.

The land is proposed to be rezoned from Industrial 3 to Commercial 1 Zone and we have taken this opportunity to try and get the frontage land to be owned and managed by Darebin City Council as part of the creek parkland corridor. On 12 June, our Vice President, Ann McGregor, made an excellent presentation of the FoMC case to a Panel Hearing about the rezoning. We will continue to press for this land to come into public ownership. Please lend your support if you have any contact with Darebin Councillors.