Goodbye to FoMC office

Jan 06 2015

We have now left the office at Brunswick Town Hall after at least 14 years, marking the end of a significant era for the group.

Moreland City Council very generously allowed us to use the office initially for our high profile campaign against the F2 Freeway (now called the Craigieburn Bypass), when we had a paid coordinator for a while. However, after the campaign ended, Moreland Council allowed us to stay on.

After we couldn’t find a replacement for Jack Svendsen as office coordinator, the office wasn’t much used, which was just as well as in the last few years some leakage made it damp and unpleasant to work in. In december 2014, Moreland notified us that they want to fix up the office for other purposes, so most of the FoMC Committee helped with a massive clean-out. All our freeway campaign material was donated to the State Library of Victoria, our office equipment and supplies are being re-used (mainly by MCMC), and everything else was either recycled or thrown out, except for some important files which are being held by the Secretary.

We also no longer have a landline, so contact us by email or phone/text the Secretary, Ray Radford, on 0422 989 166.