10 years of Merri Birdwatch

Read on for more on birdwatching on Merri Creek.
2018 marked the 10-year anniversary of Merri BirdWatch.
The collection of seasonal monitoring data adds to the knowledge of the health of the creek and the fauna and flora that call it home.
You can go to the global eBird website to see the survey records, recorded by hotspots.
It is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Merri Creek and catchment too – urban parkland with extensive indigenous revegetation plots up to 35 years old, two lakes, a natural rocky gorge with open grassland and native grasslands near the (current) northern edge of the suburbs.

The wide variety of habitat types encourages a diversity of bird species, whether resident, regular migrants or just passing through.
To help with identification, we have produced a colour brochure illustrating 62 relatively common species of the Merri and northern Melbourne. This is available to participants in our surveys, and is for sale at CERES Nursery in East Brunswick.

Our bird survey events are listed in our events calendar.
Have you spotted any of these? Merri Creek BirdWatch surveys – species list 2008-2018.
Welcome to join in, and learn as you go!