New guide – Look for our fungi      

A new guide, plus videos on the fungi of Merri Creek.     

This new guide by Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher explores the fungi of Merri Creek, explains their role and what you can do to help protect them and the bushland. There are excellent photographs for you to ID any fungi you come across – including weedy fungi. Dr McMullan-Fisher gave us a fascinating presentation at the 2019 annual general meeting, opening up the world of fungi and their role in plant life. The guide also steps you through the process of adding records to iNaturalist with tips for taking photographs that will best support your records.

Look for our fungi – Merri Creek.

Sapphire has also made a series of 5 videos to help you become familiar with the fungi of Merri Creek and where they grow:
Fungi habitat
Can I eat it?
Earthballs help plants grow 
Green Staining Coral Fungi is having a good season