Successful Grant Applications 2015

Jan 06 2015

We have kicked off 2015 by receiving the following grants, thanks to MCMC’s Conservation Program Manager, Katrina Roberg:

$49,810.15 from Communities For Nature for the project: The Need for Seed, to enhance remnant vegetation along the Merri Creek and establish genetically selected plantings of three depleted plants to act as ‘seed orchards.’
$20,000 from Melbourne Water River Health Incentives program for the project: Koonda lat is where it’s at, to control weeds, restore habitat and engage the new residents of nearby apartments near the Koonda Lat bridge on the shared path in Northcote. Plus a $1,000 Melbourne Water Group Support Grant for purchase of loppers, barbecue, hand mattocks, and admin support.

$3,000 from Parks Victoria, through their Volunteer Group Long Service Award, for the project: Celebrating Nature in our Native Grasslands – Cooper St Grassland, for woody weed control, a bird talk, activity day, reptile display and barbecue.